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Our process is unique. Our primary focus is on making money for our clients - everything we do comes from that. Having a web site for the sake of having one is no longer enough. The hype is over, now it's down to business and sites have to turn a profit. That's what we do.

While most design and development firms simply plan, develop and implement, we go much further and take a much broader, more comprehensive approach.

First there is a Discovery phase. In this phase we look carefully at how you do business currently and your plans for the future. We research your target audience and what they are looking for, and especially how they are looking for it to make sure they find you. We look at your competition, what they have done on their online presence, sales strategies, branding, and web site and assess their strengths and weaknesses.

The next phase is to Think through all the options and decide on the best approach, the one that results in the most sales for you while still meeting your budget and time frame.

Once the direction for the project is clear, we Plan the fastest, simplest, and most cost effective way for getting the work done.

With a solid plan in place we start Developing. The Information Architecture is laid out and the look and feel is developed to meet your business objectives, and the aesthetic inclinations of your company and your target audience.

Now that the direction for the project has a structure and a look, all expertly targeted, we begin the Implementation phase. The design is optimized for the web, templates are built and tested then the site is built and all advanced and basic technologies are tested thoroughly and the site delivered. We always proof the site several times during the final stages of the build to assure your site is error free.

The business world is constantly changing and we are often asked to stay on to Monitor progress and assess the success of the various strategies and technologies involved in your project and to enhance them as necessary. We provide a range of reporting and assessment tools. We also provide multi-level hosting plans to meet your needs as you grow your business.