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There are so may things to consider in getting started it's hard to know where to start - that's why we've listed the usual steps in an order that will simplify the process and speed your project to profitability.

  • Call us - We can help you focus your objectives and advise you on the best strategies for realizing them within your budget. The sooner we are involved in the process the better we can assist you.
  • Focus your objectives - what are the top three things you want your project to accomplish for your business?
    This may seem simple, but its often very difficult to get everyone to agree on the best way to move forward. Again, we can certainly help focus your objectives with you, but the more discussions you have internally the faster the deployment time.
  • Asses your resources - This will help you gauge how best to realize your objectives. What monies do you have to put towards your project? Do you need to budget for e-marketing? How quickly do you want your site to turn a profit? What do you want to handle internally? What are the skill levels of your internal resources and should you outsource to experts? What material or conceptual parts of your project do you already have on hand - logo, tag line, marketing collateral, brand colors, photography etc.? How much time do you have to devote to the project? Answers to these kinds of questions will greatly increase our budgetary precision and cost savings to you.
  • Know your competition - collect any aspects of their marketing efforts relevant to your project. Knowing who we're up against is crucial to surpassing them.
  • Explore your options - What brands, sites, direct mail, banners do you like? Even if it's only part of something you like, having examples of your inclinations before we get started greatly speeds up our design time.
  • Call us - You've done your homework, you know what you want, how you want to approach it and where you will need our expertise, now it's time to call us in to help assess your strategy and parameters and help you plan the next steps.